January Sessions

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Metzner Hall at Judge Book Eltham

Sat 12th - 26th Jan 2019:   January Summer Sessions
Mon 28th Jan: Aust Day Holiday - No sessions
Tues 29th Jan:  Full timetable returns 
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  1. Monday
    9.30 - 11am from 14 Jan 2019
    Yoga 1&2
  2. Mon
    11.10am -12.10 from 14 Jan
  3. Tues
    7 - 8pm from 15 Jan
  4. Thursday
    9.15 - 10.15am from 24 Jan
  5. Thurs
    10.30am - 12 from 24 Jan
    Yoga 1&2
  6. Sat
    selected dates
    Yoga Workshops
  7. Tuesday
    6 - 7pm from 29 Jan
    Yoga 1
  8. Mon
    6.30 - 8pm from 7 Jan
    Yoga 2 Experienced
  9. Wednesday
    6.30 - 7.30pm from 16 Jan
    Yoga 1&2
  10. Wed
    8 - 9pm from 30 Jan
  11. Saturday
    9.30 - 10.30am from 12 Jan
    Yoga 1&2

​All sessions are casual.
No need to book!
   Just come along, we would love to share the benefits of Yoga and Pilate with you.
Mats, blankets, foam blocks, belts, sand bags, weights, resistance bands, bolsters, chairs 
and eyecovers are provided. 
​If you have a favourite mat, please feel welcome to bring it.

Only selected sessions run during term holidays.
 Purchase your 5 or 10 sessions card at the Online Store.
Monday 11am is Yogalates.

Yogalates combines elements of both Yoga and Pilates.​​
Develop your core strength and stabilisation through pilates poses, and improve your flexibility, muscular strength, posture and alignment through yoga poses, breathing and relaxation.

Primary focus: Core strength.  ​Beginners welcome.

Thursday 10.30am Yoga runs every week.  

On the last Thursday of each month - it is Yin Yoga.

Longer holds in supported postures. Stillness in the body helps the mind to settle and relax.  Rest deeply into the postures feeling release, spaciousness and calm.  It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress and generate new reserves of energy and resilience.  For beginners & experienced.
The last Thursday each term is also a Yin session.

Mind-Body connection
Natural Well-being

Advice for your first session
All ages and abilities welcome - from Year 7 students to 75 years young.

If you have a current or chronic back, neck or joint injury 
these classes may not be suitable for you.  
- Written permission from your medical practitioner is recommended.  Here is an example letter.
- Please also sign the Disclaimer on the Registration Form.
During pregnancy
Yoga is recommended, but these group Mat Pilates sessions are not suitable. 
You are welcome at any of the Yoga sessions. 
General Advice
You'll be more comfortable in stretchy unrestrictive clothing that allows freedom of movement. 
Both Pilates and Yoga are practised without shoes.  You might like to wear socks to Pilates.  Yoga is done is bare feet.
Allow 2 hours between a meal and Yoga or Pilates.  A light snack 1 hour before is OK.
All equipment is provided. You are welcome to bring your own mat, if you prefer.
 For yoga we provide mats, bolsters, blocks, belts and blankets.
For Pilates we also use extra supportive mats, resistance bands and light weights.
All ages and abilities are welcome.  Work within your limits and progress at your own pace.  

With regular attendance, you will feel more familiar with the sessions, more at home at the venues and get the most from the exercises and postures.

Summer sessions
We return for 2019 with selected sessions from Mon 7th January.
Summer Sessions

Term 1 2019
Full timetable resumes Tues 29th January.
Murray's sessions have moved ​to Judge Book

We hope you will find Metzner Hall convenient and comfortable. 
You can park inside the Village, just outside the Hall. 
The room is spacious, clean space with soft lighting, lots of natural light and air,
carpets, curtains and is toasty-warm with full sets equipment including chairs and bolsters.