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Winter Break: No sessions are running in July term holidays

We'd love to see you in Term 3 - starting on Monday 15 July 2024

Yoga & Pilates

Whether you're trying something new, returning after a pause or continuing your life long interest, we'd love to see you at a session.

Come along for Dynamic Yoga & Mat Pilates
with Murray and Gilllian Lazenby.

Eltham venue

St Margaret's Hall

St Margaret's is a gorgeous natural spacious Hall at the Anglican Church,
81 Pitt St Eltham.
A sanctuary for your Yoga and Pilates. 
A beautiful mudbrick building designed by Robert Marshall, renovated to create an exceptional, uplifting place for your practice.
St Margaret's has plenty of space to spread out and relax for 18 people but our classes are generally 7 - 14 participants.
There is an abundance of natural light and air, courtyard garden outlook, peaceful atmosphere, modern bathrooms.  You'll be cosy warm in winter, and cool in summer.
Plentiful easy car parking out the front, and across the road at Eltham Hotel.
Eltham Yoga & Pilates St Margaret's Hall

Yoga & Pilates help you feel ​Strong, Supple and Grounded

July 2024

Eltham timetable

81 Pitt St Eltham  -  St Margaret's Hall at the Anglican Church
We are closed for winter school holidays
Term 3 begins - Monday 15 July 2024
  • ​​Please BYO mat. 
    And a block, if you have one. 
    Some people choose to bring a blanket for yoga relaxation.
  • We have resistance bands, yoga belts, hand weights and squishy balls for everyone. And spare blocks and mats in case you need one!​
  • Payments at the venue (cash or card) or our online store.

MON 9.15am


with Gillian 60 mins at St Meg's

MON 10.30am


with Gillian 80 mins at St Meg's

TUES 8.30am - special $10 class details

Yoga  (Term 3 starts 23 July 2024)

with Gillian 1 hour at St Meg's 

TUES 6.30pm

Yoga Level 2 Experienced

with Murray 90 mins at St Meg's

THURS 9.15am


with Gillian 60 mins at St Meg's

THURS 10.30am


with Gillian 80 mins at St Meg's

*Session runs weekly
*Last Thurs / month is a special Yin Yoga session

is your guardian spirit, natural 
inclination, literally 'inborn nature''.  

means comfort, ease, happiness, health, contentment

what are they saying
"I don’t know how she does it but Gillian somehow blends just the right amount of repetition, novelty, encouragement and humour in every class. I have been attending 1-2 x sessions per week for years now and still find them challenging and absolutely critical to my overall well-being. I am in my early 50’s but she caters to all ages with an encyclopaedic knowledge of human physiology and history of yoga/pilates. It’s no wonder she has had such a loyal following for so many years, cannot recommend highly enough!" Mel S, Eltham

Tuesday Community Yoga

Tues Morning Yoga grew from a class my friend Louise created, originally for U3A. 
In April, it moved from the Eltham football pavillion to St Margaret's Hall at the Anglican Church.
Most participants are over 55, but it's now open to everyone - you are very welcome - and has a special price. 

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Tuesdays 8.30 - 9.30am

Term 3 : starts Tues 23 July 2024

(this is technically the second week of term!)
  • $10 cash per session
  • No bookings... just come along & enjoy
  • Modern bathrooms at the Hall
  • Heaps of extra parking just across the road behind Eltham Pub
  • BYO Mat (we have spares)
  • at St Margaret's Hall, 81 Pitt St Eltham
To focus on People not Paperwork, it's pay-as-you-go.  Just tick the attendance sheet and put $10 in the tin.
Yoga with Gillian - aiming to continue your good work with Louise with mindful moderate poses and plenty of options
It's about Presence, not performance.  It's your class and we'll grow together.  Would love to see you soon, Gillian x

Yogalates at home 

roll out the mat at home - zero travel - maximum comfort. 

Zoom Yogalates finished in March, but we still have:

Video options

Recorded Zoom videos

Start here 

Yoga Events ~ Hurstbridge

A new idea to spark your practice and get together with like-minded mates at the gorgeous Bridges Restaurant, surrounded by nature with Gillian Lazenby

10am - 3pm
August 2024 Workshop - date coming soon

Discover tranquility at the Serenity Yoga Workshop hosted by Bridges Restaurant and Nursery.
Experience a rejuvenating day with Gillian Lazenby, a seasoned yogi with over 25 years teaching experience. This workshop combines physical yoga flows, discussions on yoga philosophy, and mindfulness to enhance your mental and physical well-being.
Enjoy herbal teas, snacks, and a vegetarian lunch in a serene setting.

Open to all skill levels, this event promises a day of balance, peace, and self-discovery. Join us to deepen your yoga practice and connect with others on this peaceful journey.
$85 + booking fee

10am - 12pm
Wednesday 24th July 2024
1 hour Yoga followed by a delicious Brunch
$25 + booking fee

Everyone welcome. I would love to see you at one of these special events, Gillian x

What can Yoga & Pilates do for You...

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dyanamic hatha yoga

Our Yoga classes give you step-by-step introduction to foundation postures.  Bring wellbeing, strength and flexibility into your daily life.  In each session, we ease shoulders, loosen hips, salute the sun and do foundation standing poses. Inverted poses and alternatives are offered. We finish with twists, forward bends and deep relaxation.  

Our favourite Yoga Benefits:
Increased energy
Enhanced flexibility and strength
Enhanced stamina and balance
Improved muscle tone
Feeling grounded and resilient
Release tension & de-stress
Greater concentration
Profound relaxation
Improved sleep quality
Harmonious union of body & mind

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mat pilates

Come along to
focus on core strength, lengthening the spine and loosening stiff joints. Each movement is explained and variations are given to progressively challenge or ease the load. Resting positions are given so you can always recuperate between exercises. 

Beginners are welcome at all Pilates classes.  

10 things Pilates can do for you:
A strong core
Healthy spine
Long lean muscles
Reduced tension
Zest and ease in daily life
improved posture
improved flexibility
increased strength and tone of core muscles
relaxation of shoulders, neck and upper back
increased body awareness
General Advice
You'll be more comfortable in unrestrictive clothing that allows freedom of movement. You can wear shorts, track suit, leggings, whatever makes you feel comfortable.   It's good to have an extra warm layer for final relaxation.
Pilates and Yoga are practised without shoes.  You might like to wear socks to Pilates.  Yoga is done is bare feet.
Allow 2 hours after a meal before Yoga or Pilates, or 1 hour after a light snack.  Yoga & Pilates include twists and abdominal compression, so you can feel uncomfortable is there's a lot of food in there!
All ages and abilities are welcome. 
High school students welcome.  Children over 10 years, accompanying their parents, are very welcome as long as they are happy to fit in with the general group :-)
We are especially keen that you work within your limits and progress at your own pace.  Murray and Gillian will guide you - and modify poses and exercises to your individual circumstance.
  • If you have a current or chronic back, neck or joint injury these classes may not be suitable for you.  Please seek the advice of your medical practitioner.
  • Yoga is recommended during pregnancy, but these group Mat Pilates sessions are not suitable. Choose a yoga class appropriate to your level of experience.

Genius Wellbeing Story

Since 1994
Genius Wellbeing began with Yoga classes at Collingwood Leisure, Fitzroy Pool and Melb University in 1994 (then known as Lazenby Yoga).  And expanded to Eltham in 2001.  People with long memories will recall our first classes and workshops at Eltham North Hall, then moving on to Eltham North Primary School library, music room and after care room, the Diamond Creek Community Centre, Judge Book Village for many years, and now St Margaret's hall.
We teach Dynamic Yoga and Mat Pilates in community venues, in Eltham and online. Our teaching style is practical, personalised and down to earth. A light heart and focused mind help bring enjoyment and diversityto your practice.
Our Yoga and Pilates will empower you to feel connected, rejuvenated and relaxed. With consistent practice, a positive outlook and resilience flow into every aspect of daily life.
In addition to the Eltham Timetable, we teach Yoga and Pilates at community groups in inner Melb and Melbourne University Sport. Our instructors, Claire, Cristina, Fiona, Georgia, Georgina, Larissa and Shardae are inspiring, passionate teachers who can help you understand, develop skill and feel profound benefit from Yoga and Pilates.
​From 1994 until 2020 Genius Wellbeing was deeply involved with Yarra Leisure with an extensive program of Yoga & Pilates at Fitzroy Pool, Richmond Recreation and Collingwood Leisure.
We also offer private or workplace sessions at your home or our venue.
Murray Lazenby

Classes are at the Hall, St Margaret's Anglican Church
81 Pitt St Eltham, Melbourne

your teachers

gillian lazenby

Gillian started working life as an architect, but finds Yoga and Pilates teaching more personally fulfilling. She has practiced yoga for over 25 years, and first trained as a teacher apprenticeship-style in 1998. She is registered with Yoga Australia and has completed many training courses since.

murray lazenby

Murray began practicing Yoga in 1980, at age 18, initially from a book to help recover from a serious spinal injury. Over the past 33 years he had been practicing and teaching Yoga to the highest standard. Healthy Yoga practice can give you many internal and external benefits. Participating is the first step.