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Yoga & Pilates with Gillian in the garden. 
Short intro with Galahs and Lorikeets. Lexi the Jack russell joins in half way through with advanced relaxation techiques.
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workplace sessions

We come to you and share the benefits of Yoga, Pilates or Mindfulness with your colleagues or students.

It could be a course structure.  For example, a 1 hour session, every week, for 6 weeks.  Or a special one-time session. 

We have teachers based in Eltham and Melbourne's inner north and south. They know how to tailor a session to accommodate varying abilities and strengths, while ensuring everyone starts to feel and understand the essence of the practice.  They are a delight to work with!

Prices vary according to requirements and location. Smaller or larger groups by arrangement

To find out more about how we can best help fulfil your special requirements, please  phone Gillian on 0425 860 170 or ...

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yoga offer eltham

trial offers

Welcome! This could be the start of something wonderful.

Genius Wellbeing teach dynamic Yoga & mat Pilates at St Margaret's Hall in Eltham, at Melbourne University Sport, Online (zoom and video). 

We'd love to guide you onto a path towards calm, contentment and energy.

Here are some intro offers to help get you started.

  1. 2-for-1 at St Margaret's hall

  2. Free 1st zoom

  3. Free Video practices with Gillian in the garden - see below...

private sessions

Yoga, Pilates, or a combination of both.

Tailored practice to get you started. Speed your progress. Target specific areas of concern or interest. Resolve challenges.

Yoga and Pilates in the comfort of your home, workplace or nearby park or at St Margaret's Hall.

  • Individual attention for your personal circumstance, injury or area of interest.

  • Progress at your own pace.

  • Personalised approach and sequence

A personal practice sequence is developed for you over the first 2-3 sessions.

Starting at $60 for your first session.

sample practice sheet

Prices & Booking

1-1 Session cancellation policy is on the online store.


Yoga with Gillian in the garden. 
Brief Introduction with Galahs and a King Parrot cameo.
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